Who We Are

ACIDD is a social enterprise designed to maximize improvements in human well-being and mental health. We are structured as a private, Non-Profit organization that has a 501(c)3 status in the US.

ACIDD promotes mental health needs of people with severe and persistent mental illness, especially those with co-occurring Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders, (aka “the other dual diagnosis“). Since 2013, ACIDD Maryland has initiated long-term recovery-based mental health programs through Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) services, and Mental Health Vocational Program (MHVP) services in the community. In 2016, ACIDD Maryland launched community based residential program services, Personal Supports (PS), Day services that include Vocational Day, Supported Employment, and non-site based day services such as Community Learning Services (CLS) and Employment Discovery & Customization for people with Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Illness. Commitment to our objectives is motivated by our philosophy of compassion for all people, including the most vulnerable in our community.

ACIDD plays a critical role in building community wealth for several key reasons:

  • Through employment supports, we build wealth, which helps stabilize community economies.
  • ACIDD provides valuable training opportunities and supportive jobs for those who have been excluded from the traditional labor market.
  • ACIDD helps reduce its related organizations’ dependence on government and philanthropic funding by adopting more innovative, community-driven approaches.
  • Through the development of businesses, ACIDD strengthens its management and business capacities, which, in turn, can boost its overall program effectiveness.

ACIDD focuses on individuals’ independence and empowerment. The lives of individuals with the dual diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Illness have taken a turn despite growing de-institutionalization process and community integration in the United States and across the world. Not only do we advocate for these individuals, we also support their families as well. We equally invoke the general public of awareness, understanding, support and commitment to all those involved.

Our Mission:

To embrace, empower, and help promote mental health and well-being of people with severe mental illness and individuals with ‘the other dual diagnosis’ of Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Disorders.

Our Vision:

Sustainable competitive employment for all with mental illness, with promotion towards their recovery , wellness, and independence.

Our group of organizations deliver our services efficiently and effectively with quality to the full extent to people with intellectual disability that have co-occurring mental disorders in Maryland and Florida, U.S., and in Sierra Leone, Africa, and in India . Our goal is to promote effective understanding and to foster necessary change to make society a better place for those who recover from mental illness. Be one of us! ACIDD needs supporters like you to perpetuate the legacy we are building for the future. Call us today at 301-377-0750 or toll free: 1-844-ACIDD-US.