ACIDD Overview

ounded in 2013 by Joseph Mathew, Ph.D, the American Center for Intellectual and Diverse Disorders (ACIDD) is the beginning of a dream to recover the mental health of millions of Americans who have serious and persistent mental illness. It particularly focuses on the 35% of people who have Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Disorders in the US. For 20 years, Dr. Mathew managed another non-profit organization for individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Maryland. He had founded and headed Center for Social Change (CSC) since 1993 until he launched ACIDD in 2013 for people with co-occurring Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and Mental Disorders. ACIDD challenges many traditional ways of service. It questions many of Dr. Mathew’s adversaries in the field for new thinking. ACIDD promotes mental health services to individuals that have the “other dual diagnosis” of Intellectual Disability.

ACIDD has an experienced, voluntary Board of Directors that have previous experience of working with individuals with diverse disorders. It is a tax-exempt organization with 501(c)3 status in the US. ACIDD organizes educational seminars, conferences, workshops and training to bring awareness among people about mental health issues.

ACIDD embraces all minds, and empowers people with mental illness.


ACIDD Maryland provides behavioral health services-Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), Mental Health Vocational Program (MHVP), Psychotherapy , Outpatient Mental Health services through treatment Clinic and Holistic psychiatry to people with severe mental illness. It also provides Intellectual Disability services-community residential services, day services and non-site based day habilitation services to individuals with Intellectual disability and co-occurring mental Illness. CARF International has accredited all programs and services of ACIDD Maryland. ACIDD for Counseling coordinates psychotherapy to ACIDD clients at our therapy center in Laurel, Maryland. All programs uphold protection of rights, independence, and empowerment of people with mental illness.

Acidd Florida

In 2017, ACIDD Florida has been formed to provide support services to individuals with Intellectual Disability and mental health issues. It is licensed to operate various programs in Florida. Some of the programs include community based Supported Employment, Supported Living, community housing and community integration services. It currently serves adults in Tampa region only.


ACIDD Africa and ACIDD Asia are the two international social enterprises to support persons with mental illness in Sierra Leon and India respectively. People with mental illness and Intellectual disability are historically neglected in Africa. People with the ‘other dual diagnoses’ are severely under-served in India, despite its growing economy. ACIDD’s efforts to bring change in their lives is a dream we are working to make come true one day!