ACCID Maryland offers long term supports to people with mental illness through our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) and Mental Health Vocational Program that leads to an Evidence-Based Practice of Individualized Placement Support in Supported Employment. The Treatment Program was recently CARF International accredited for services. However, we have placed a hold on to starting the program this year as we have initiated other integrated programs that are more beneficial to people with mental health issues than OMHC. We may reconsider the OMHC next year after we review our current programs. In 2020, we plan to restart our psychotherapy and other psychiatric services. We also provide holistic psychiatry as part of our integrated behavioral health care. Integrated behavioral health care approach encompasses also primary care services that include non-physician primary care and nursing care. All our services lead to a wrap around model for people with severe mental illness including individuals with dual diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and mental disorders also know as people with “the other dual diagnosis”.

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