ACIDD maintains its role as a national leader in promoting mental health, especially that of people with co-occurring Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders. We are making serious efforts to be an international leader too. Our team leaders, including our Board of Directors and executive team, work together to achieve the goal of ACIDD. We have the necessary work experience. Peter Drucker famously stated that “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. ACIDD leaders possess dazzling social intelligence, a zest for change, and above all vision that allows us to set our sights on the “things” that truly merit attention. We create patches that last, addressing not only the problems of the present, but those that will create a domino effect for the future of the people affected and involved.

The unparalleled leadership of ACIDD rests in our organization, coordination, and direction of not only one person, but of intertwined principles, passions, and intellects of each considerate member and true leaders. We will soon be recognized of our Leadership by CARF International (An international accreditation agency) that is scheduled to accredit ACIDD and its Leadership by meeting its standards. Today, the area of our leaderships brags the values of:

Creation through collaboration

Prosperity through cooperation

Making a Change through Participation

Our Leaders


Dr. Mathew is the Founder of ACIDD. He also teaches part-time at Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland. Prior to becoming a Professor of “Church and Society” at Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA and an Adjunct Professor at St. Mary’s University, Baltimore, Maryland for a short period of time, Mathew was primarily involved in social sciences research and teaching after obtaining his Ph.D. For nineteen (19) years since 1993, he served people with Intellectual Disability at Center for Social Change, a non-profit organization in Maryland that he co-founded with his wife. He led this multi-million dollar organization that was CARF-International accredited in all its programs since 2009, as its president and CEO. He retired from CSC in September 2012. Mathew decided that it was time for a change of focus and founded ACIDD, the non-profit organization that has 501(c)3 status, serving people with mental illness and people with co-occurring intellectual disability and mental disorders. With his theoretical knowledge of philosophy, theology , sociology and psychology on the one hand and
many years of practical experience of service to people with Intellectual Disability and Mental illness, Mathew is one of the most respected speakers of the field. As a man of many talents, Mathew is highly creative, using his overwhelming love for mental health and intellectual disability world and the lessons he learned along the way of working with people with disabilities. Mental illness is his new passion. He speaks from the heart, sharing his personal truths as a way to inspire audiences young and old to embrace mental health and well-being.Incorporating themes of mental health, Mathew boldly crafts customized and empowering messages for each selected audience he addresses. As a gifted person of wider experience with an international perspective, his honesty captivates the audience, giving them a sense of meaning in their own lives by reconnecting them with their future hopes and dreams. Mathew’s presentations will no doubt inspire and forever resonate with all who have the opportunity and honor to listen to his words, making them reflect on their lives.

Mathew writes and publishes and is currently working on a book manuscript. He currently resides in Maryland. He can be contacted at


As an Assistant professor at Howard University, Washington DC, Dr. Graham has extensive experience in research, teaching and training. At the University of Maryland, he worked at the department of family medicine. At Johns Hopkins University, he conducted research. At Morgan State university, he encouraged minorities in the field of science. Dr. Graham worked as an instructor at Dale Carnegie Institute for Human Relations in the eighties. Dr. Graham has authored several publications and received many awards including a citation from the Governor of Maryland and House of delegates for outstanding services in health care in the State of Maryland. He holds fraternity membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity inc., Delta Lambda Chapter, Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Graham holds many professional certifications: For example, Certification as an Instructor for high blood pressure; On line faculty certification from University of PhoenixDr. Graham served on the board of Center for Social Change, a non-profit serving developmentally disabled individuals for 15+ years. He serves as a member of mental health advocacy group.


An electronic engineer by profession, Bob had his own electronics technology business for fifteen years. Bob later involved in church activities, ministered to others, completed advanced courses in lay speaking ministry within United Methodist church. At Lancaster Bible college, Bob enrolled himself into Plus 20 program and qualified him for the LBC plus 20 program and completed his 20 month degree program there. Bob served on the Board of Center for Social Change, a non-profit serving people with developmental disabilities for over 20 years; became director of Evangelism and Discipleship for another nonprofit, Neighborhood Revitalization Solutions, Inc. that works closely with churches to revitalize neighborhoods. He also served as a “Mission Disciple” for a small church, assisting the Pastor in growing, serving, and revitalizing physical building as well as church attitude. The Baltimore Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church assigned Bob to pastor several churches, especially as senior Pastor of Mt. Zion UMC, Finksburg, MD from July of 2000 through June of 2008. He also served as a volunteer Hospice Chaplain for Carroll County for three years.Since retirement, Bob continued various classes including Masters Degree classes at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute in Baltimore. Bob has interest in various health subjects especially mental health and spiritual endeavors.