ACIDD stands for American Center for Intellectual and Diverse Disorders (ACIDD). It is a Non-Profit social enterprise with 501(c)3 status in the US. ACIDD’s social mission is to embrace, empower, and help promote mental health and well-being of people with severe mental illness, particularly individuals with ‘the other dual diagnosis’ of Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Disorders.

ACIDD is an umbrella organization that currently supports various ACIDD related social enterprises in the US as well as outside of the US. These organizations by themselves operate programs and provide services to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, people with mental illness and other vulnerable persons in the US, Africa and Asia. In the US, ACIDD Maryland, and ACIDD Florida operate their own programs and provide services in Maryland and Florida respectively. ACIDD Counseling provides psychotherapy services to individuals with Intellectual Disability and co-occurring mental illness. In Africa, ACIDD Africa works with Lama Sahuru Foundation to promote health and education projects in Sierra Leone. In Asia, ACIDD Asia works with India Center for Intellectual and Diverse Disorders in India and other like minded NGOs such as Navajyothi Charitable Trust to promote mental health among people with severe mental health issues. ACIDD provides education and self-advocacy to individuals for their protection of rights, independence, personal choice and empowerment. It conducts research and training, and holds fund-raising events for supporting the works of its international affiliates for the people with mental illness.

ACIDD Maryland is one of the social enterprises operating with ACIDD. Under its mental health Programs, it provides Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) towards community integration and Mental Health Vocational Program (MHVP) towards supported employment in the community for people with severe mental illness. Individuals with a dual diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders also receive our PRP services; Under the Intellectual Disability programs which are also CARF International accredited, ACIDD Maryland provides residential supports in community housing, community-based vocational and Supported Employment, Community Development Services ( formerly known as Community Learning Service) as a community based alternative day service, Personal Supports and Supported Living for people with Intellectual Disability who also have co-occurring mental disorders- the other dually diagnosed population. To know more about various programs in Maryland, visit

ACIDD for Counseling provides psychotherapy to children, adults and elderly individuals; It is independent of ACIDD Maryland but works in providing integrated services to individuals that ACIDD and its affiliates support in the community. ACIDD for Counseling also provides couples’ therapy and family therapy through licensed and experienced therapists who are specialists in this area. For details, visit and schedule an appointment.

ACIDD Maryland serves two categories of persons in the community: One, adults with severe mental illness for mental health services such as PRP and MHVP; two, adults who function at a higher level and who also have a co-occurring diagnoses of Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders. ACIDD Maryland does not serve children and low functioning individuals at this time. ACIDD Florida currently serves only adults with Intellectual Disability who also have mental health issues in Tampa area in Florida ACIDD Africa and ACIDD Asia support children and adults in Sirra Leone and Kerala State in India respectively.

Are you CARF International accredited?

Yes, our programs in Maryland are CARF International accredited.

When you donate funds to a specific project of ACIDD in India or Africa, the funds will be used to promote mental health awareness, advocacy, education and training of those with serious and persistent mental illness assigned to those projects in the villages of Africa and in India. ACIDD does not mobilize resources for the benefit of programs initiated by its affiliates in the US. ACIDD in Maryland and Florida are independently funded for the people these enterprises support in these states and do not support projects outside of these organizations. Your contributions to various projects of ACIDD helps the Individuals with co-occurring intellectual disability and mental disorders in Africa and Asia and help them empower to live a better quality life in the community. We make sure that your time and money are always used for the benefit of the people we serve. Donations to ACIDD are tax deductible in the US. Your generosity would mean a lot to the people we support in Asia and Africa.

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Toll-Free: 1-844-ACIDD-US
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