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ACIDD recognizes the urgent need to address, and educate the public about the seriousness of mental illness. Another year has passed. We are in 2020. The world just celebrated the World mental health Day in September 2019! World Mental Health Day raises awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizes efforts in support of mental health. One of the pressing mental disorders today globally is Depression. Read all about it on ACIDD Notes.

How concerned are we about reports that mental illness has become an epidemic striking one out of every four people in the world today? Mental illness threatens to engulf us all. Twenty million schoolchildren worldwide have now been diagnosed with mental disorders. Psychiatric drug use and abuse is surging world wide. Driven by DSM derived mental illness statistics, the international mental health budget has skyrocketed in the last ten years. In the US, mental health budget has soared from $33 billion to $90 billion today.

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Persons supported by ACIDD Florida in Suncoast region are in APD’s Home and Community-based Medicaid Waiver program. Their cases are managed by Waiver Support coordinators. To be eligible for services, an individual must have a developmental disability. If found eligible for services, the individual will be placed on a waiting list which has over 18,000 individuals in waiting.


We begin with our standard Residential Habilitation service that provides supervision and activities to individuals with ID to acquire, maintain life skills.


The Life Skills Development service encompasses Supported Employment service for individuals who are “the other dually diagnosed”.


Our PS Services combine the services formerly known as respite care, companion, in-home supports and personal care assistance.


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