Strategic Plan


Strategic Planning of ACIDD clearly involves our highest priority achievements that we are prepared to commit to the next five years. This process of planning emphasizes conscious, and thoughtful choices by our leadership, our supporters, employees, consumers and other stakeholders. In order to move our plan successfully, we need time to draft our plan through a lengthy process so that in the end, the plan will be owned by our staff, board and our individuals. We are not there yet.

Our Mission

To embrace, empower and help promote mental health and
well being of people with severe mental illness
and individuals with ‘the other dual diagnosis’ of Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders.

Our Vision

Sustainable employment for all with mental illness towards
their recovery and wellness.

Our Guiding values and beliefs

ACIDD accomplishes its mission in such manner that expands the public trust, appreciation of our role as change agents to bring about impact on people with mental illness in the community, especially those with co-occurring Intellectual disability and mental disorders. Our mission is rooted on our principles and beliefs, and the strong value of mental health for all without stigma, discrimination or social exclusion.

Our Goals

As stated, our goals are being developed. Within the next few months, we will tell well-wishers what ACIDD is trying to accomplish, both programmatically and organizationally. They will be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Check back with us.

ACIDD is essential to support those individuals that have co-occurring intellectual disability and mental disorders for recovery. In many states, an EBP model of supported employment for individuals with mental illness has turned out to be success per available data. ACIDD will develop strategies in that direction. IPS model in supported employment foresees the value of growing commitment to program services due to its rigorous standards of measurement of quality.

We focus on client strengths. Helping them to gain employment and sustaining it can promote their recovery and wellness. We will use a multidisciplinary team approach. Services shall be individualized. IPS approach will change the way mental health services will be delivered.

We believe that all people with mental illness including those who have co-occurring intellectual developmental disorder and mental disorders living in group home environment can become independent. They can be empowered by being employed in sustainable IPS supported employment. Group home community living for individuals that have mild intellectual developmental disorder and mental illness can eventually end. They can move out of group homes. The image of Group homes today as a semi-institution in the community will also fade away.

We believe that we should find adequate resources in the community to empower individuals with intellectual developmental disorder and mental disorders. Collaboration with similar organizations that work in the field towards the same goal will strengthen our basis and a unified voice will protect the interests of individuals with mental illness towards their freedom, rights and empowerment.